Kpop sharing clothes – Saint Laurent

So B and I did our first reaction video to BTS Fire. I noticed that Jimin was wearing this Saint Laurent jacket that I just knew I had seen Bigbang’s Seungri in before. I also noticed that Suga had on a hawaiian print shirt that I had seen G Dragon wear. So okay fine… I dropped it (had mom things to do, ya know?..). Well today I am scrolling through my V app and see the same damn ugly (sorry don’t like it) jacket on someone else… So I did some research.

AND now I give you Kpops love for this damn jacket and shirt.

First and most important… I give you Seungri, the original wearer of the ugly jacket.

Seungri Palm Jacket
“Jiyongie Oppa told me I should wear this. I love it. And him…. for suggesting the jacket.”

Next is Bambam from Got7. Believe it or not he was in a Vogue article about this jacket! That would be Vogue US.. Going global!

Bambam Palm Jacket

Next we have Jimin of BTS stardom.

Jimin Palm Jacket

Winner’s Leader Seungyoon on the V app video with IKON

Seungyoon Palm Jacket

And JUST for shits and giggles… I give you Justin Bieber wanting to look like a Kpop star.

Justin Beiber Palm Jacket

Now for the shirt. First there is G Dragon starting things off at the 2016 Mamas.

G Dragon Hawaiian Shirt Mamas
“This rat tail look will never catch on… YOLO!”

Mino from Winner just might have stole this out of YG’s closet… so he gets a pass.

Mino Hawaiian Shirt

And last but certainly not least is Suga in the BTS Fire Video.

Suga Hawaiian Shirt

Saint Laurent must have sent his collection to every popular Kpop boy band. Well done Saint Laurent… Well done.

So here I go giving you another peek into the wonderful world of my brain. This would have just kept bothering me till I told someone all about it. Because SOMEONE needed to know… so….





2 thoughts on “Kpop sharing clothes – Saint Laurent

  1. Ivet June 27, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    Yes!!!! I said the same thing. I was telling my kpop friends that was the same shirt GD wore at the MAMA awards. I assumed that the BTS boys got inspires from that bc I know some of them are huge VIP’s. But they were trying to talk me down like it wasn’t done on purpose. But I just know someone, maybe a stylist, saw GD and got the same shirt.

    I hadnt even noticed Seungri’s jacket on everyone!! Lol

    I feel vindicated. And had a good laugh. Thanks for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • KpopMamas June 29, 2016 / 11:43 pm

      Haha! Mama T read this and said “SEE someone else gets it!” When she first said she had seen the clothes before I blew her off too lol. And then she found them on EVERYONE! So this post was 90% vindication for her as well! Thanks for reading! 🙂 – Mama B


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