Hey Ya’ll! OK…. SO MANY THINGS happening with Big Bang this year! First off if you haven’t seen our reaction videos  to Bang Bang Bang and Fantastic Baby check them out here.

10 year anniversary

Made Movie (check out our reaction to the trailer here)

TOP’s new movie! (Can we talk about that wall slamming scene??!!)

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new movie #OutofControl

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GD has had some Instagram drama (removed his 5/17 photo then posted #PrayForOrlando and deleted that, then posted a “HateLess” photo which is still up)

YG announced 4 more MADE events this year besides the movie!

These VIP’s are so excited for what this year will bring for Big Bang fans in their 10th year!







Hey Y’all!

Well it happened!! U-Kiss has their comeback! Consider us Kissmes at this point!

These boys are amazing.  Now I (Mama B) am normally not into the pop bands but these men totally do it right.  The vocals and dancing were on point and of course they’ve got the visuals perfect (hehehe!).

Also congratulations to Eli and his wife on their new baby boy!!! So happy for them! We love to see these kpop idols growing up and getting lives of their own.  It gives us all the feels!

Check out the reaction video below y’all!


Mama B

Got7’s Youngjae’s Plea to Fans

It is June 3rd and I just read a post that has really touched on every concern I have about being a Kpop fan and concerns for the safety of these young idols.

I know we’ve touched on this before but here it is again.

Youngjae from Got7 posted this heartfelt and very well worded message to fans; asking them to have more respect for their private lives.

We hope that this gives some fans pause before mobbing these poor boys every where they go.  I know if I met them or saw them it would take everything I had in me not to fangirl out (and I am hopefully going to Kcon so that will be put to the test quickly)!  But please lets all make an effort to be better fans!


Kpop Mamas


“Hello. This is GOT7′s Youngjae.
Everyday I gain strength from the love that fans give.

However, there are some who take photos and videos at places like the airport or when we are spending personal time.

I think we need to be more respectful of each other. (For example, at times when the entire screen of my cellphone is shown.) I’m worried that people following us and continuing to take photos when we are moving to a different location might fall. I would also like for people to be more careful not to disrupt other individuals in public places.

I am also very worried about a dangerous situation happening to those who stay until dawn in front of our dormitory and to those who follow us in cars when we are going to a location for individual schedules. I would like to continue meeting each other in a safe and healthy manner.

Thank you very much for reading my poor writing.

I really love you Ahgases.

Let’s continue to stay together for a long time. (If anyone can translate this into Japanese, Chinese, English, or Thai, I would really appreciate it…)



IT’S ALMOST HERE!  We recently did a reaction video to an older 유키스(U-KISS) song ‘끼부리지마 (Quit Playing), you can check that out below. And to say that we loved it would be an understatement. SHOCK. AND. AWE. These guys are bringing it and we are so so excited for their comeback!

The teaser trailer for their mini album “Stalker” dropped and is everything we want from them.  I mean check out these track names? They are coming for the girls this year!