Maknae Monday: EXO’s Sehun

Maknae Monday is brought to you this week by our awesome subscriber Mama K! Thanks for putting this awesome ode to Sehun together! – Kpop Mamas

EXO is definitely slaying their most recent comeback. With the record-breaking release of their third album, Exa’ct, a world tour in the books, and now the repackage Lotto releasing last week, these boys are busy performing and promoting their little hineys off.

Speaking of, let’s meet the group’s handsome and 4D maknae, Oh Sehun.

SEhun 1.png
Oh Sehun is here to wreck your bias list. Resistance is futile.

Just the facts:

Name: Oh Se Hun

Born: April 12, 1994 in Seoul, South Korea

Height: 183 cm (6ft)

Role: Lead dancer, lead rapper, sub vocalist, maknae

Unlike his fellow EXO mates, Sehun didn’t aspire to be an entertainer. At age eleven he was spotted by an SM agent while eating street food with his friends. His response? He ran away (his mother told him not to engage with strangers). The agent chased him for thirty minutes until she was able to convince him to talk to her. Officially cast by SM Entertainment in 2008, he debuted with EXO in 2012.

So somehow over the past four years Sehun went from this:

SEhun 2.png

To this:

Sehun 3
Time has been very good to you, young man.

Despite his physical changes, Sehun’s personality has basically stayed the same. He’s all srs bsnss when it comes to performing.

Very srs bsnss.


Srsly, you can lighten up a little.


He’s known as the “sassy” maknae, which is sometimes difficult to see due to his somber expressions. But the sass escapes every once in awhile.

xtumblr_nebbf9v5gi1rbr3rto2_250     Sehun 3.png

Sehun 3.png

Better tuck that back in, young one.


Did I mention he’s full of aegyo?


Aww, qt.

His cheeky reputation is well earned, since he can’t stop pestering his hyungs:

tumblr_ni9639xcad1qciai7o3_250   tumblr_npcqqzmjdo1qzh5sno1_540


But he’s still very much their maknae.

tumblr_n8d83pyvie1sqxmy5o1_250  tumblr_nvbupd5wzw1u86gjco1_250


Sehun is a maknae of many moods. There’s this maknae:


And this one:


And also this one:


Then there’s this one:


Despite all this, he does love his hyungs:


Even when they resist:



But like I said, resistance is futile:


He also loves:

His Bichon Vivi.

“What you doing, Sehun hyung?”

Bubble tea.


And ice cream.


Sehun even has his own vocabulary.



As if being a dancing/rapping/singing/modeling/yeheting star wasn’t enough, he’s a terrific actor, stealing scenes left and right from his hyungs in EXO Next Door:


Next year his first movie, Cat Man, releases. And yes, he plays the Cat Man. Make of that what you will.

Above all, Sehun is known as a sensitive and caring guy. He can get a little emotional sometimes:


And doesn’t mind publicly sharing how he feels about his hyungs and fans:


It’s good being the maknae.


As one netizen wisely put it: “It’s Sehun’s world. We’re just living in it.”


– Mama K


2 thoughts on “Maknae Monday: EXO’s Sehun

  1. Meripeni Humtsoe December 27, 2016 / 6:55 am

    Sehun, adorably cute
    Always will love you 😘😘😘
    Can’t take my eyes off you
    Love you Sehun.. ………


  2. Xchelseaxannex28 February 15, 2017 / 4:41 am

    I’m either blessed or cursed because most of my favorite idols are the precious Maknaes. #ImightbeaNoona

    Liked by 1 person

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