Seventeen – Getting to know you

We recently did a reaction video to Seventeen. All I really knew about them is that they are a popular rookie group, the young girls are crazy for them, and there is REALLY 13 (it just looks like 17) of them in the group. I need to know more… so let’s do it together!

  • They are under Pledis Entertainment. I just read that Pledis is the same company that Nu’est is in… (which makes so much sense to me for some reason.)
  • Nu’est
  • There are 13 members in the group, not 17.
  • They write and help with the production of their music and make their own choreography. (awesome!)
  • They debuted with their first album in 2015, 17 Carat. Here is an article about them in Billboard – Billboard article about their debut song ‘Adore U’
  • Carat is the name of their Fandom.. Go Carat’s!!
  • They are in their own variety show Seventeen TV. (It’s now on the list to watch.)
  • Woozie is not the Maknae. He is a Grown Man… well 19 US. 20 Korean age
  • The long haired pretty one is Jonghan and he is 2nd oldest. 22 years old US, 23 Korean

There is so much to learn! I will have to update more later. I can see that this is going to be a fun mission. 🙂