Hey Y’all!

Well it happened!! U-Kiss has their comeback! Consider us Kissmes at this point!

These boys are amazing.  Now I (Mama B) am normally not into the pop bands but these men totally do it right.  The vocals and dancing were on point and of course they’ve got the visuals perfect (hehehe!).

Also congratulations to Eli and his wife on their new baby boy!!! So happy for them! We love to see these kpop idols growing up and getting lives of their own.  It gives us all the feels!

Check out the reaction video below y’all!


Mama B


American Mom Reaction – 방탄소년단 ‘Save ME’ MV

Hi all!! Please watch BTS’s latest MV with us. It was amazing and everything I wanted from BTS after ‘Fire’. Watch the original at Bighit.

These boys are at the top of our Bias list.  We LOVE them; not like your typical ARMY but with more of an Unnie/Dongsang feel (I mean we are moms and they are barely in their 20’s)  These boys are talented and we appreciate their dedication to what they do.  And we find them hilarious! Seriously if you haven’t seen their show “American Hustle Life” stop what you are doing and watch it now.

We hope you enjoy! We know we do! Congrats boys we love this song and M/V!