Thirsty Dallas Got7 Fans Beat Me to it

Short story is… A bunch of THIRSTY Dallas Got7 fans snatched up all the good tickets in 5 MINS. Yes!! 5 Mins. That right there should tell you about the power of Kpop in America.

I hadn’t been so bummed out about anything in a long time. I had plans to surprise Little Lady with tickets to meet her bias and my bias-in-law (aka Jackson).

I was hoping to tell Bambam/King of the Dab to stay in his lane and quit coming for the Little Lady’s feels… Because I am starting to think that someone that dabs that much might have questionable morals…. 

Also, I saw you on that episode of After School young man… To be honest, I laughed my ass off.. But really. What were you thinking?!?!? LOL Yes you were. 🙂

Junior/Jinyoung – You keep flicking those hearts. I love that you just don’t give a damn… *hearts*

Youngjae – Ball of sunshine with the voice of an angel… Just look at that.

Yugyeom – See Maknae Monday

Mark Tuan – Repping the US in Korea!! Oldest Hyung… I love your dad!!

Last but not least JB/Jaebum – Leader Hyung. Get well soon! Rest lots and eat well. PS. You are my bias… WHAT??? Ajumma’s get to have bias’s too!

Good night!