Kpop sharing clothes – Saint Laurent

So B and I did our first reaction video to BTS Fire. I noticed that Jimin was wearing this Saint Laurent jacket that I just knew I had seen Bigbang’s Seungri in before. I also noticed that Suga had on a hawaiian print shirt that I had seen G Dragon wear. So okay fine… I dropped it (had mom things to do, ya know?..). Well today I am scrolling through my V app and see the same damn ugly (sorry don’t like it) jacket on someone else… So I did some research.

AND now I give you Kpops love for this damn jacket and shirt.

First and most important… I give you Seungri, the original wearer of the ugly jacket.

Seungri Palm Jacket
“Jiyongie Oppa told me I should wear this. I love it. And him…. for suggesting the jacket.”

Next is Bambam from Got7. Believe it or not he was in a Vogue article about this jacket! That would be Vogue US.. Going global!

Bambam Palm Jacket

Next we have Jimin of BTS stardom.

Jimin Palm Jacket

Winner’s Leader Seungyoon on the V app video with IKON

Seungyoon Palm Jacket

And JUST for shits and giggles… I give you Justin Bieber wanting to look like a Kpop star.

Justin Beiber Palm Jacket

Now for the shirt. First there is G Dragon starting things off at the 2016 Mamas.

G Dragon Hawaiian Shirt Mamas
“This rat tail look will never catch on… YOLO!”

Mino from Winner just might have stole this out of YG’s closet… so he gets a pass.

Mino Hawaiian Shirt

And last but certainly not least is Suga in the BTS Fire Video.

Suga Hawaiian Shirt

Saint Laurent must have sent his collection to every popular Kpop boy band. Well done Saint Laurent… Well done.

So here I go giving you another peek into the wonderful world of my brain. This would have just kept bothering me till I told someone all about it. Because SOMEONE needed to know… so….





Thirsty Thursday – Dance Off – Mom Style

As any of you moms know all the fun things you do by yourself happen either after bedtime or when you’re kids are occupied with a movie… (yeah I know limited screen time and all that)

This is how KpopMamas spend their Thursday nights… I give you… The Dance Off

JUST KIDDING!  That’s not us!

THIS is us! In all of our glory…


Looks Just like us right?!

WDTS? BigBangs IG – Seungri’s Talking

I love stalking my BigBang bias’ on Instagram.  And I die a little bit inside every time I see this

Seungri - IG


So here it is: bb.translations[SEUNGRI]
Thanks to all in Fukuoka for all the wonderful and fun times yesterday! I was surprised by the increasingly warmth welcome and enthusiasm! We also ate the #Motsunabe at Daesung’s recommendations and we are now headed to Nagoya! See you again!
(#Motsunabe is an offal hotpot)

And then THIS BigBang treasure trove of messaging that apparently they ALL found funny.  Real funny boys. Help a  mama out!


Tanslation: “The Brother that I miss. Just you wait Rabbit (Seungri)
GD: Hyung when are you coming back?
Taeyang: I miss you
Daesung: We always feel your absence
Taeyang: And Seungri got more talkative… Because hyung is not here.
Daesung:… He’s leading the conversation
Taeyang: This makes us miss you more…
TOP: It is the natural law that rabbit will take over the reign when the lion is not around..


and then Seungri “What the hell are you doing?!”…


Night Y’all!


Thirsty Dallas Got7 Fans Beat Me to it

Short story is… A bunch of THIRSTY Dallas Got7 fans snatched up all the good tickets in 5 MINS. Yes!! 5 Mins. That right there should tell you about the power of Kpop in America.

I hadn’t been so bummed out about anything in a long time. I had plans to surprise Little Lady with tickets to meet her bias and my bias-in-law (aka Jackson).

I was hoping to tell Bambam/King of the Dab to stay in his lane and quit coming for the Little Lady’s feels… Because I am starting to think that someone that dabs that much might have questionable morals…. 

Also, I saw you on that episode of After School young man… To be honest, I laughed my ass off.. But really. What were you thinking?!?!? LOL Yes you were. 🙂

Junior/Jinyoung – You keep flicking those hearts. I love that you just don’t give a damn… *hearts*

Youngjae – Ball of sunshine with the voice of an angel… Just look at that.

Yugyeom – See Maknae Monday

Mark Tuan – Repping the US in Korea!! Oldest Hyung… I love your dad!!

Last but not least JB/Jaebum – Leader Hyung. Get well soon! Rest lots and eat well. PS. You are my bias… WHAT??? Ajumma’s get to have bias’s too!

Good night!



Maknae Monday – GOT7 – Yugyeom

Stage Name: Yugyeom
Real Name:  Kim Yu Gyeom
Birthdate: November 17, 1997
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg

 Dancing Machine – This…

and this…..


Him and JR – Push and Pull…

EVIL Maknae – You might just think he is older than his Hyungs….

Cute Maknae –  Squishy Cheeked youngest baby.

You do you young man. Your Hyungs love you and so do IGot7. Keep those cheeks squishy.

Good night!