When Fandom isn’t worth it… Prayers for Tomita Mayu

According to Japan Times, female popstar Tomita Mayu was stabbed over 20 times today during a fan event in the city of Koganei, Tokyo.  (See the news story here )


The idol had previously contacted police about the potential stalker over a month ago.  We are sending all of our love and prayers to her and her family in this time.

OK but ya’ll it has to be said… WHAT IS WRONG?! Because there is something wrong right now in the various fandoms.

Now we are not saying that this applies to all fans; we consider ourselves to be VIP’s and ARMY so we do understand being dedicated to your bias’.

But with this news today; and yesterdays news of BTS (Bangtan Boys) being CHASED by fans through the streets of Sweden, it has to be said; SERIOUSLY?! These are human beings.

Is fame and all of that comes with it part of the deal of doing what they love? Of course.

However having to fear for your physical safety because a “fan” does not realize where boundaries are or has created an imaginary relationship with you in their head; is something else completely.

In this day and age of instant gratification and entitlement these fans believe that they DESERVE to have a piece of their favorite idol.  No matter the situation or how it affects the idol they have so come to respect.  And in the case of Tomita Mayu even serious injury.

We hope that the companies that represent these young adults are watching and setting up more security for them and taking these threats seriously.

As mothers we cannot imagine how the families must feel and our prayers are with Tomita tonight and we ask for all of you out there, seeing your favorite band on the street and in public to remember…. THESE ARE PEOPLE. NOT ANIMALS.  You may have bought their album but they don’t owe you any more than anyone else in this world.  Be respectful and most of all be safe.  There is no call for this.  Be responsible to yourself for your actions so that we can all enjoy the privilege of seeing these artists out in the public and making the music we love!

Love Always,

Kpop Mamas